Sunday, June 2, 2013

It's a Bigfoot Birthday

My sweet pea, my youngest son, turned seven today. We had a fantastic Bigfoot party. 

It doesn't take much money to have a wonderful party.  My kids baked the cake and had a wonderful time doing it.  We held it at a park.  I was unsure about how many of my son's friends would be able to make it, so I called a mom with eight kids and asked her to come because my theory is "the more the merrier."  Anyway, I knew that if she showed, it would look like a party no matter what.  She did, and though her oldest wasn't there, she brought seven of her kids plus four of their friends.

Anyway, I have a large family and there was another large family there. All in all, we had 21 kids.  They played "pass the Bigfoot food source" which is my version of hot potato.  They learned how to do a Bigfoot call, and everyone played "Bigfoot says." 

We held it at a park, so the kids could play as well.  I spent a whopping $20 on everything, including prizes for games and party favors for everyone, and it was a great success.  Overall, it was a fantastic day :)

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