Saturday, June 15, 2013

Technomages & Self-Publishing an Ebook

I did it.  I finally did it.  I worked out the kinks to the formatting on my new short story prequel to "Destined Love is Immortal,"  historical paranormal romance, "Immortal Nobility," and got it uploaded and up for sale on Amazon.

I love writing, but I detest formatting.  I don't care much for editing either, but both are necessary evils for the indie writer

So what does this have to do with technomages?  Well, the whole time I was fighting the computer with the formatting of my eBook, I was wishing for a technomage.  If you're unfamiliar with technomages, they're an imaginary race from "Babylon 5" that are like wizards, but in relation to technology.

Anyway, one of them would have been extremely handy to have around while I was trying to get the computer software to do what I wanted it to.  In the end, however, I prevailed, even without the aid of a technomage.

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