Monday, August 12, 2013

Rabbits & Tattoos--Daily Humor

First, let me explain that if you take rabbits to shows, they have to be tattooed. That being said, I'll get on with the story.

Last night I was, as is normal, looking at the bank account activity online.  I saw a PayPal charge I didn't expect, so I asked my husband about it.

"Oh, that's for the tattooer," he said.  "For the rabbits."

Now, I knew my husband had been having some difficulty tattooing our rabbits as we've not shown them in the past, and he hasn't been doing this long. He'd mentioned that not all of the tattoos were turning out as well as he needed them to. Still...a tattooer?  Wasn't that a bit extreme?

I wanted to ask my husband where he took the rabbits.  I mean, we have several tattoo places in town.  Did the guy think he was crazy when he came in carrying rabbits?  It was all I could do not to bust out laughing at the image in my head. I wanted to ask my husband about the reaction when he walked in the tattoo parlor with the furballs, but since I was certain I couldn't do so without laughing, and I wanted to be supportive of my husband and his rabbit-raising efforts, I kept my mouth shut.  Still, I wondered...

Anyway some time went by and eventually, it came out that my husband has spent the money on a new tattooer, as in the gizmo that he uses to tattoo the rabbits himself, and not a person who is a tattoo artist at a tattoo place.  His gizmo wasn't working right, so he bought a new one.

This is the point at which I said, "What?  You mean you didn't take them to a tattoo place?"  LOL

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