Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Movie Star & Dreams- Dreamt I Met Steve Byers of "Alphas" Last Night

Dreamt last night that I got to meet my favorite actor, Steve Byers.  It was really cool!  Like all dreams, it was a bit fuzzy in my mind after waking up, but hey, since I’m relatively sure that I’ll never meet him in person, it was pretty awesome!  Besides, I was much more articulate in my dream that I most likely would be were I to ever actually meet him.  That’s one of the great advantages of dreams, at least for me.  Odds are, that if I ever did actually come face to face with him, I’d almost certainly babble nervously and he wouldn’t be able to get a word in edgewise.  That, however, is not what happened in my imagination as I slept.

My son had recently checked out a book about dog sled racing, a fictional kids’ book, and I’d read it to him and his little sister, a couple of times in the last two days, so I’m pretty certain this is where the imaginary film plot came from.  I’ve no idea how I ended up talking to him, but regardless, in my dream, we were just hanging out, watching this imaginary film of his and he was talking to me about all sorts of stuff that went into making it, kind of like when you listen to the director’s and actors’ commentary version of a DVD movie, except that in my dream, he was actually there.  I wasn’t even nervous, which is a shocker, and overall, remembering this as I woke up was a great start to my day.   And of course, he looked as handsome as always.  His hair was all curly like it was in episodes of “Falcon Beach,” as opposed to being straighter when he was in “Alphas.”  And he was wearing a red muscle shirt with black trim and black pants and sneakers.  That’s about it.  I woke up happy.  Who wouldn’t?

Do I sound a little obsessed or crazy? Probably.  But if I were worried about sounding crazy, I never would’ve tweeted him in the first place and certainly wouldn’t have mailed him an excessively long fan letter. In my defense, I AM a novelist, so I’m verbose by definition.  And at this point, I’ve said enough crazy stuff to him that I figure he must be amused, since he has quite a sense of humor.  If I were driving him crazy, I’m sure he’d find a way to tactfully let me know, as he’s too sweet to be anything but tactful.

So why did I dream about him last night?  I’m not sure.  I was talking a about him to a friend pretty late last night.  I’d been at meeting about the disastrous Common Core educational initiative, which needs to be stopped. The meeting had just ended and it was a pretty serious and heavy topic.  My phone is set to vibrate the same for calls, texts, tweets, or any kind of acknowledgement of my tweets.  I’d gotten a text from my husband not too long before with a question about a kid’s medicine, so when the phone vibrated, I picked it up and glanced at it even though I was talking with friends.  The fact that Steve had just favorited one of my tweets rolled across the screen and  I couldn’t help cracking a wide grin, which I then, or course had to explain because it was out of sync with the overall mood of the room.  Maybe that’s why.  I don’t know.  But virtual reality, of which dreams are the best kind, can sure be fun :)

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