Friday, October 18, 2013

Ugly Masterpieces --Creativity Makes Life More Fun

I suppose you could say I'm an artist, of sorts.  I'm certainly creative.  From throwing huge kids' birthday parties on a shoestring budget, to framing autographed pictures of my favorite actor, to sewing, I put a unique twist on most stuff.  This is probably also the reason I'm so messy.  Or at least the reason I have so much trouble getting rid of stuff because everything has potential.

Woven wool is $30/yard, which is INSANE.  I wanted to make my dad a really nice wool scarf last winter, so I took apart a clean kilt that no longer fit, and it did the job great.  The wool was such a high quality that it looked brand new.  I get pretty creative with used Christmas decorations and sweaters.  In fact, I sew just about anything onto an ugly Christmas sweater, from lights to ornaments, stockings to stuffed animals--you name it.  It doesn't fall into the category of "beautiful" art, but it is art, of a sort, and it making the stuff does a lot for my need for a creative outlet.  It's fun, relaxing, and yes, it felt pretty good when a fellow Twitterer and someone I admire called one of my works an "Ugly Masterpiece." 

Sure, I like to do the more traditional art forms like painting and drawing, but those a are a bit harder to do with little people underfoot.  Sewing ugly Christmas sweaters, however, since by nature they're supposed to be imperfect, is something I can actually do while my kids are around.  When the seam isn't perfect, or the thread doesn't quite match, it just adds to the charm and "ugliness" of the sweater, whereas, if I were trying to do something in a specific manner, the many little distractions which make my life such a joy would be problematic. That's not an issue when decorating ugly sweaters :)

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