Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Advantages of Associating with Other Writers

I go to a local writer's group. Each time I go to a meeting, I feel motivated anew to write more regularly and to make writing a higher priority in my life.  Meeting with other writers is encouraging and gives me new ideas.  It also gives me a sounding board for some of the ideas I have running around in my head. Moreover, it's fun.  I love getting to talk about one of my passions with others who are just as passionate about it

With a houseful of kids, however, blessed as I am, it can be difficult to make it out of the house to meet with other writers.  Sometimes, the best avenue available to me is the telephone or e-mail.
Occasionally, I'll call a fellow writer and professional editor and bounce ideas off of her.  Not to mention, I always enjoy hearing how her projects are progressing.

Sometimes, I shoot an e-mail off to a fellow author in Austria, an imaginative writer who is also a great sounding board for marketing ideas.  Not to mention a person whose unique perspective on things is pretty much always encouraging.

Occasionally, I simply tweet fellow authors. That also can lead to new ideas, end writer's block, and get the gears in my head turning.

Basically, whether it's through e-mail, phone, twitter, or a writers' meeting keeping in touch with others who share my passion keeps me motivated and keeps the new ideas flowing.

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