Saturday, February 8, 2014

Writing Your Author Bio

Currently I'm working on rewriting my author bio. I have one up on Amazon that's perfectly acceptable, but I'd like to update my information for a website that a local writers' group is doing, since I've accomplished more since my bio first went live on Amazon nearly three years ago.

What I don't understand, is why it's so difficult for me to write about myself.  I have no trouble cranking out many pages of fiction, be it in the Young Adult genre, or children's picture books.  I equally have no difficulty writing about my favorite actor, Steve Byers. Why then, is it so hard to write about myself?

Since I naturally know more about myself than anyone else, it seems this should be an easy task--not so.  I just got back from my local Writers' Guild meeting were I asked about this and found that I'm not alone.  Everyone seems to be in a similar quandary. 

Why?  Well, I guess that while I know more about myself than anyone else, trying to figure out what would interest others is more difficult. I'm going to try to focus not only on my writing accomplishments, but also on the more unique aspects of my personal background.  I'll write a little about how I've traveled to many different countries, the kinds of subjects that interest me, my hobbies, and my family.  It sounds easy, doesn't it?  Unfortunately, it's not, at least not for me.

I won't give up though, so hopefully I'll be sharing a new bio with you soon :)

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