Monday, March 31, 2014

Werewolves, Telepathy, & Steve Byers

Am I newly telepathic?

Fingers crossed.  Waiting with baited breath for a reply from Steve Byers via Twitter.


I dreamt that he was auditioning to be a werewolf --the movie kind, or course, not auditioning to actually be transformed into one, though that would certainly be interesting.  If werewolves were really, there might be a demand among some for transformation, so I suppose, that barring all reality, there would potentially be werewolf auditions of those who want to howl at the moon and run through the trees, shifting into a wild beast, trying to prove they're worthy. 

I suppose to be clear I should say that I dreamt he was auditioning to be "cast" as one of the shape-shifting, occasionally furry, creatures.  ;)

Furry...hmmm...those blond curls would make an awesome wolf's coat.  Yep, I can see it now, along with the clear blue eyes and sparking white fangs. Maybe Hollywood will show us... (Hint, hint.)

About me:  I'm a young adult paranormal romance writer, Belgian chocolate lover, and huge fan of Steve Byers.

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