Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So, I'm not Telepathic-- Steve Byers Would Be a Great Werewolf

So disappointed. I'm evidently not telepathic.  Hopes of a new and exciting career are dashed! :)

Steve Byers, sweet and incredibly tolerant of a silly super-fan (A.K.A.-- me) is not currently auditioning to be a werewolf.  Still, he'd make an amazing one.  Don't you think?

It was brought up that a blond werewolf would be easy to see, but hey, if he were in the snow, not so much.  It could give him a serious strategic advantage. Still, someone really should cast him as a werewolf.  He'd be great.

Top Reasons Steve Byers Should Be Cast as a Werewolf

7. Having played both good guys like Chris in "Catch a Christmas Star," Jason in "Falcon Beach," and John in "Alphas" he's shown us how he can great he can be as a really sweet, good guy.

6. The personality change though, would be easy for Steve, or at least his excellent acting abilities would make it look easy.  We've seen him play evil as Desaad in "Smallville" and he's eerily convincing. 

5. He's built for the part.  Actors who play werewolves are in great shape and Steve fits the bill to a T there.

4. Steve has a great sense of humor--who wouldn't want to spend hours a day on set with him, whether he's a werewolf or something else?  But I definitely think he fits the bill as a werewolf.

3. Werewolves don't age much (or at all depending on the series) and Steve looks so incredibly young.  He'd be a wonderful, youthful, werewolf.

2. He has a scifi/paranormal fan following already. Most recently, fans of "Alphas" loved him and fans of "Smallville" loved to hate him, so he'd be an asset to the cast of any scifi/paranormal show. Cast him as a werewolf and watch the fans tune in.

1. This is the perfect solution to his raccoon problem at home.  Raccoons who try to invade his space would be in for a BIG surprise when they encountered a werewolf instead of the sweet-looking Steve we all know and love.

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