Thursday, April 17, 2014

Steve Byers of "Catch a Christmas Star" Talks about Marriage, Romance, & Family

I love a good story, and it's even better when it's true.  I'm also huge fan of Steve Byers who recently starred with Shannon Elizabeth in the Hallmark Channel's "Catch a Christmas Star."  (As shown.)
When I asked Steve recently about who his first on-screen kiss was with, and he said it was Jennifer Steede, the actress who is now his wife of thirteen years, I knew there had to be an interesting story.  Graciously, Steve answered my numerous questions, and I'm sure his interview will leave you smiling as it did me.
Me: You tweeted recently that the most memorable comment from family or friends the first time you were on television was, “Who is that you’re kissing?  Is it special effects?”  Was it a girlfriend, friend, sister, or other family member giving you a hard time when he or she said that?
Steve: Nieces and nephews. They don't get the difference between me and the "guy on TV" tends to be the harshest critics anyway.
Me: Now, as you’ve told me before, that was in the 1997 movie “A Simple Wish” when you and Jennifer were the kissing couple at the very beginning.  You’re both from the Toronto area, but given how large the city is, had you met Jennifer before you filmed that show?
Steve: Yes. We met at school. It was love at first sight for me... I wore her down eventually.
Me: What attracted you most to Jennifer initially?
Steve: I wish I could sound less superficial but she was super cute and took my breath away.
Me: At what point did the two of you start dating?
Steve: After one of our mutual friends played cupid and pointed us at each other one night. Apparently it turned out that there was a mutual attraction (so she says ;) ) and that was that. I am a pretty shy guy and probably never would have approached her otherwise.
Me: Did the two of you work on the filming of anything else together?  I know you were each in an episode of “Mutant X,” but you were in season 3, episode 10 while she was in episode 19 of the same season, so it doesn’t really seem like you’d have run into her while working on that.
Steve: We both worked on the same film in Germany as a matter of fact. Completely unrelated parts and had no scenes together. We were able to spend a short time together near the Rhine in Koln but it never amounted to much more than that. We did get to squeeze in a couples massage while we were there. That was a first.

Me: How did you propose, or did your wife propose to you?
Steve: I proposed. I had a garage sale tux my mother had bought me for 10's pretty fancy. Waited for my lady to come home from work...I left out a jar of jewelery polish with a bow on it on the counter for her to find and when she asked what it was, I stepped out in all my ruffled glory.

Me: Was eloping in Las Vegas planned in advance or was it more of a spur-of-the-moment thing?
Steve: It was "planned" in advance. Our friends were going and they invited us. We decided that if we were going to Vegas the only natural thing to do was get married.
(Photo of Steve and Jennifer in Las Vegas.)

Me: Did you have any kind of crazy theme for your Vegas wedding, like one of those Elvis guys presiding or anything like that?
Steve: No theme. It was the $75 special at the "Little Chapel of Flowers" that turned into one of the most amazing pay it forward days of our lives. At every turn we were reminded of the kindness of strangers.

Me: Was your honeymoon in Las Vegas too, or did you go somewhere else?
Steve: I still owe my wife a proper Honeymoon. We kept cancelling due to'll be a Honeymoon reboot.

Me: I noticed your wife hasn’t filmed anything since 2007, and I know you have a couple of kids. Did she give up acting to devote her full time to motherhood?
Steve: I'm proud to say that not only is she the best wife ever, she decided that her first passion was now raising two amazing little girls.

Me: What’s the most awesome thing about your wife you think people should know that most people don’t?
Steve: She puts up with me.

Me: Have you ever made any crazy romantic gestures you’re willing to tell us about?
Steve: I'm terrible at the romance game. I did recently order a Lobster delivery to our house from  @LOBSTERCRUISES while I  was away that took my game from zero to.... better than zero. It was for her Birthday so I guess that takes it back down a notch. The best romantic events are supposed to happen for no reason.
Me: That sounds really sweet...and delicious.  Now my stomach is rumbling :)  Thanks so much for taking time to answer my questions.  I can't wait to watch you this June in "Rocky Road."

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