Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spontaneous Teleportation

Spontaneous teleportation--it's an epidemic! 

...Or at least my kids would have me believe so.

Yep, you can tell simply by talking to the youngest of my kids that I'm a big scifi fan.  How?  Well, just ask her how she got the candy or any other object that was put away that she wasn't supposed to have. 

Typical conversation:

Me: Where did you get that?  (Knowing the candy was previously wrapped and in the cupboard.)

Kid: It teleported!

Now the older kids have gotten the idea and whatever it is that is either out of place that they were supposed to put away or that is in their hands that they weren't supposed to be eating or getting into, spontaneously teleported to it's current location.

So...either my house is sitting a the entrance to a portal or other such astronomical phenomenon which causes items to magically disappear or reappear in the house, or my kids are very creative liars.  I'm relatively sure it's the latter. 

I reserve the right to change my views on that if I find Thor standing in my living room :)

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