Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'll Go as Einstein for Halloween

Yes, I know, Halloween is way far away. But hey, if you've got the look, flaunt it.  So...I love it when my hair is cornrowed with braids crocheted in, making me look stylish, thinner, and in my opinion, younger, but that's not the look I'm sporting at the moment.

Oh no--I've go Einstein's hair. I'm not Einstein smart, but I'm pretty intelligent, so I suppose I can't be insulted by the comparison. It's my kids who first decided this.  See, my super-curly hair does defies gravity and sticks straight up, and since I forgot to bring hair gel with me on my trip, and my hair needs to be cut anyway, let's just say, I look unique. There are worse things in the world than making people laugh, and soon, I'm sure I'll get my hair under control.  For now, however, I'll just go around looking like old Albert :)

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