Monday, July 29, 2013

Illustrating Kids Books

I'm fortunate.  A dear friend illustrated my first kids' book for me and did a fantastic job.  Here, you can check out Dragon at the Cabin.  It's a humorous book about stranger safety and the pictures are fun to look at.

I digress.  You see, I've written four more rhyming picture books and they're complete, awaiting illustrations.  And I don't want to burden a friend with the work required to illustrate an additional four books, but I also need to get them published, so I'm working on the "do it yourself" path.

I'm artistic.  Really, I am.  Throughout my home you can find the collection of framed art work which I did, admittedly, back in high school (and I'm not going to state how long ago that was) but regardless, it's nice to look at.

"What's the problem then?" You may be asking yourself. It's one thing to do art that flows and is asymmetrical. That's what I'm pretty good at.  Drawing characters, rotating the same figure, making eyes the same size, keeping the proportions of the body in line while the character moves--that's all much more difficult for me.

I'm making use of my public library.  I've checked out numerous books on how to draw and I'm going through them trying this technique and that.  I do believe that the age old saying, "Practice makes perfect," usually holds true, so I soldier on. Eventually, I'm certain, I'll get the hang of this, but until then, I'll keep practicing. One day, the books will be finished, and you'll find my new releases on Amazon.

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