Sunday, July 28, 2013

Like a Kid at Christmas-- Waiting to Watch Steve Byers

Yep, I'm just like kid at Christmastime.  I want to watch the Steve Byers movie that aired this morning, "The Final Verdict," and waiting is just killing me. 

I know, I'm very melodramatic. Time is moving in slow motion, like for a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas morning and waiting overnight might as well be a lifetime.

You see, I don't get the Lifetime Movie Network, so a dear friend generously recorded it for me and the movie is waiting on her DVR to be viewed.  The problem, I'm relatively certain the show is not kid appropriate and between her kids and my kids and kids she babysits, the issue is finding a time to watch it when the kids won't be around, or at least won't be awake. 

I can wait. Really I can.  And if, my friend, you are reading this, know that I REALLY, REALLY appreciate your setting it to record for me and letting me invite myself over to watch it-- YOU ARE AWESOME!  So thank you, and please feel free to laugh at me because I certainly laugh at myself :)

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