Sunday, April 21, 2013

Finding Bigfoot & Family Bonding

Some families watch movies or play sports for family bonding time.  We're a little different.  Our most frequent "family bonding" experiences consist of wandering around the forest or beach in the snow or the sun, perfecting our Bigfoot calls and looking for signs of the elusive creatures.

Do I actually expect to find anything? No, but our reenactments of the popular television series make an otherwise moderately entertaining walk in the woods into an action-packed adventure!

Everyone, from my four year-old to my husband, looks for "clues" to the existence of these mysterious creatures and the whole experience becomes quite interactive as we wail, trying to get a response from the brush surrounding us.

When a road trip gets to monotonous, we roll down the window and call towards the woods. Cows are no longer just cattle, but "food sources for Bigfoot." Horses, deer, and large birds fall into the same category.

Do we look crazy to anyone we come across as we walk or drive? Sure.  Do we care?  Absolutely not!  A vivid imagination combined with a bit of nutty behavior make for a fun afternoon.

So, the next time you see the windows down on an SUV and hear people wailing towards the countryside, you know you've spotted my family.


  1. Thanks! Glad to know I have company out there. Myself. I'm
    researching the Beast of Gevaudon. A 17th century Werewolf tale. But a real documented series of killings.