Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"Lost Girl" Fae Brownies--I Need One

My favorite episode of "Lost Girl" was the one in which the Fae Brownie cleaned Kenzie and Bo's place.  It was hilarious, and as a mom of six (five of which are ages 12 and under and live at home) I could certainly use some supernatural housekeeping assistance.

My kids have friends coming over today and I'm trying my best not to stress about the mess. I work hard, but it's kind of like shoveling snow during a blizzard.  Or in other words, a total lost cause. 

So, I have this MOUNTAIN of clean laundry, and I'll be putting it in the luggage.  It's a great place to hide it.  No one ever asks where you're going.  They just accept that luggage is sitting in the hall.

I taught my 12 year-old how to unclog the vacuum himself, which is a very important skill around here.  Be it dog hair or legos, something is always clogging it and you can't get half the floor cleaned before you have to stop and remove what's stuck in it this time.

A fae brownie is the answer to my problems.  He'd fit right in eating crunchy sugar cereal with the kids and his cheerful demeanor would be a wonderful addition to the household.  So can someone give him a first class ticket to Missouri?  Just let me know what time he lands and I'll be waiting at the airport.  But if he's not available, we'd be happy to welcome Merlin to our home as well.

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