Monday, April 22, 2013

I Told My Favorite Actor I Want To Adopt Him

I told my favorite actor I want to adopt him.  So, I’m a little goofy.  I’m okay with that. Goofy makes life a bit more fun and a heck of a lot more interesting.  Call me crazy.  I’m alright with that.  Really, I am.  I got over the whole not-fitting-in-thing a couple of decades ago. 

I’m a writer, mom, martial artist, and scifi nerd.  Last New Year’s Eve my husband and I celebrated the coming of the New Year with an earlier time zone, as did many of my friends on Facebook.  And a scifi nerd—let’s just say that I’ve been to a convention in costume, alone, while my parents watched my crew of kids and my husband had to work, and I spent eight hours walking around dressed like a member of a starship and had the time of my life!

I digress...back to the title of this blog post.  Google tells me my favorite actor is “all grown up,” but he’s so convincing in the young roles that he plays that he could have fooled me.  In addition to my five biological kids, I have a grown stepson, age 24, in the U.S. Navy.  I couldn’t be prouder, but you won’t read much about him here for security reasons. My favorite actor, well, even in Scifi’s Alphas, he didn’t look older than that.

He states on his twitter page, “I like poop jokes and think that the PS3 is the reason I am not a Physicist. I act and stuff instead.”  With all the times over the years that I’ve had to tell my kids stuff like, “Poop is not body paint,” and “Don’t wash your hair in the toilet,” I kind of think he’d fit right in at my house.  Granted, he’s not three and doesn’t have problems with that stuff, but I can envision him laughing his head off at the weird stuff that happens around here, if only he were a fly on the wall, or another grown kid at the dinner table.

What else is it about him that would possess me to say such a strange thing?  Well, he’s got to be the nicest, most considerate actor on the planet.  Usually his tweets make me laugh, and occasionally they gross me out, but that’s okay.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the target audience for the latter J  But always, he’s really, really nice.

I’d pick him to play the lead in my novel too, if I could make my novel into a movie.  (Yes, this is a self-promo moment, read the novel—“Destined Love is Immortal.”) It’s available in paperback for those of you who prefer to read old-school style.)  He’d be perfect as the war god, Camulos, swinging a sword around, rescuing the damsel in distress, and dealing with complex relationship issues.  I can see it clear as day in my head.

No, I haven’t forgotten that I haven’t yet told you who my favorite actor is, it’s Steve Byers, from Scifi’s “Alphas,” “Immortals,” “The L.A. Complex,” and a lot more stuff. He’s awesome.  Check out his web page  and like him on Facebook.  I hope to see a lot more of him on TV and in the movies in the years to come, and I always enjoy the way his tweets make me laugh.

So, am I crazy for telling him I want to adopt him? Probably, but hey, I’m enjoying life. I still wish I could jump into the TV and throw a blanket over him and give him a cup of hot chocolate when I watch him in “Falcon Beach.”  Apparently he got snowed on while wake boarding some during filming.  With all the fun he looked like he was having on screen, he should get an “acting in adverse conditions” award or something.  He’s amazing.  But don’t take my word for it—check out his stuff.  You won’t be disappointed.

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