Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nostalgic for Paris

It’s rainy, overcast, and downright yucky outside.  The damp air chills you to the bone.  In short, it reminds me of Paris.

Paris—how I long to walk the streets of the Latin Quarter.  I can here Italians singing opera in the background as I take a leisurely stroll in the chilling drizzle under an umbrella, from the Luxembourg Gardens to the Eiffel Tower.  And no, that’s no short walk.  I fact, it’s quite a distance that takes hours, but with Guido and Ricardo (yes, the names are real) singing as we walked, and the breathtaking architecture surrounding me, the time flew.  That was a long time ago, but I long to walk those streets again, and one day I will, with a chocolate-filled croissant in one hand and a steaming coffee in the other. 

I suppose that’s the good thing about today’s miserable weather.  It reminds me of something I love.  Paris is breathtaking, from the blue rooftops and white sculpted buildings to the statues and fountains everywhere.  The food is incredible, and once you get to know them, the French are a wonderful people with a rich culture.

So, I can’t hop a plane to France today, but I can pour myself a steaming coffee, close my eyes, and travel there in my memories, and maybe even chat with a friend over there on Facebook, if I time it just right.  One day I’ll return, but for now, that will have to do J


  1. Oh, you're confusing weather of Paris with that of London. You are probably went to a bad period in Paris.
    Paris is very nice to visit, also to work. But simply to live there, it is not very good. There is not only the "Quartier Latin", the Latin Quarter is also changing, and not for the better. Globalization, standardization. For visit Paris, we must walk from the "Ile de la Cité", then "Ile saint Louis", then the street "Francs Bourgeois with its houses dating years 1500/1600 and arrive "Place des Vosges" build under Louis XIII (see online "Place des Vosges").
    Ah, the crescent is not with chocolate, it is the "petit pain au chocolat".
    The French language and culture. Yes, wonderful, but on my account twetter they interest nobody.

  2. Yes, I am well aware of what they call the "pain au chocolat" but I wanted Americans to understand what I am talking about. I lived I the Parisian suburbs in August/September 1993 and it was cloudy, cool, and rainy almost all the time, so whether or not that is normal, it makes me think of Paris :)