Saturday, April 20, 2013

I Awoke Wishing for Telekinesis

My first thoughts this morning was, "Hooray! I woke up before my kids." 

My second was, "Crud, I need telekinesis for this to do me any good."

You see, I have six kids, five of which are at home, ages 12 and under.  From the warm cocoon of blankets I'd rolled myself in, I could hear the shuffle of little feet, still in their rooms, contemplating facing the world, or more exactly, contemplating running downstairs for Saturday morning cartoons.

There's no point in my trying to accomplish anything in the wee hours of the morning.  My kids can sense when I've stepped one foot out of bed, or rolled over, for that matter.

So, why did I need telekinesis so desperately?  Simple, I'm in the middle of a really good book.  I was afraid to so much as scoot away from my husband to the edge of the bed where I could reach it, lest my preschooler hear signs of "life" and decide to seek me out.  She's quick that way. 

Telekinesis would enable me to get my book to read it in the early morning light without alerting the "little people" that I was up and about.  It'd be the perfect solution to many of my morning issues. I'd have "alone time" and R&R without someone popping their head in for chocolate milk, cereal, or the latest cartoon emergency. 

As it is, I rolled over, grabbed my book, and read all of three pages before my preschooler, used her mom-radar and zeroed in on me as "awake."  Sure, she would have left her room and looked for me soon anyway, or called for me, but if I only had telekinesis, maybe I'd have been able to make it through half a chapter uninterrupted.

Instead I'm writing on my blog and wishing I had some Nutella in the house :)

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