Sunday, May 19, 2013

I Confess-- I'm a Trekkie

I confess, I'm a Trekkie.  Though the original "Star Trek" episodes aired before I was born, I've seen each and every one numerous times, to the point that usually I can identify the episode and recall the entire plot after seeing only one or two minutes of the episode.  Moreover, like many people, I've seen every "Star Trek" movie and series spin-off since then, and I love them all.

A few years ago, I went to a Star Trek Convention, alone, in costume, of course.  Though I'm not as big of a fan of "The Next Generation" as I am of some of the other spin-offs, I went dressed as Deanna Troi. Why? Because I figured I had, at best, 1 hour to sew a costume from scratch, and hers isn't particularly hard to construct.  Moreover, at a towering 5'0" with dark brown curly hair, I bear more of a resemblance to her than to any other crew members.

My husband had to work, and the grandparents watched my kids, so I had the pleasure of spending roughly eight hours all by myself at a Trek Convention, and it was a blast.  Since they charge for autographs of and photos with the stars, and as is human nature, people want as many interesting pictures to take home as possible, when you show up in a good costume, people want to have their picture taken with you.  It's a little like being a "celebrity for a day." 

Somewhere, floating around on the internet, is a picture of me, in costume, hugging Dominic Keating (Malcolm, "Enterprise") but of course I can't find it.  I know I was there, so I suppose that's what's most important, still, it's disappointing that after so many computer crashes, I've managed to lose a picture of me hugging a star.

Anyway, I digress.  I LOVE "Star Trek."  On Friday, my husband and I celebrated our anniversary by seeing the new Trek movie at the theater.  Of course, when he posted this on facebook, acquaintances who didn't know his as well, asked how I felt about celebrating that way.  He responded, quite accurately, "She insists!"  And so I did.  The movie is fantastic and I loved every minute!  It was a wonderful date to celebrate many joyous years of marriage.

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