Thursday, May 2, 2013

Laughing at Life

I'm a big proponent of laughing at life.  Specifically, I find the more that I can laugh at myself, the happier I am.  Do I make mistakes?  Sure--lots of them. Do I tweet stuff, message stuff, or do things that I could really worry about making me look stupid? Yep. I try, however, as much as possible not to take myself too seriously.

For example, I may have overdone it tweeting my favorite TV star yesterday, but then again, I'm hoping I just amuse him.  When I asked once, recently, if I was bothering him, he said, "no" so I'm taking him at his word and assuming that if I start to drive him crazy, he'll tell me.  He is, after all, a big boy.

I used to spend all of my time obsessing over whatever mistakes I may have made in the past and worrying about the future.  That's no way to live--it's torture.  Now I take things one day at a time, trying, as much as possible, to roll with it, and life is much more enjoyable.

When I read, I like to read things that are funny--rolling the floor laughing funny. Why?  Because no matter what type of stress I'm under or lousy mood I might be in, humor takes me away from it all for a while, and I everything is easier to deal with when I'm more relaxed.

As a kid and even a teen, I was painfully shy. Now, not in the public speaking sort of way.  I mean, if I had a topic I knew about, I'd get in front of a few hundred people and talk, no sweat, but in the one-on-one conversation kind of way.  Mingling and small talk were torture for me, still are in fact.  I hate cocktail parties and the like. Trying to make polite conversation is just not my thing.  But, I'm no longer afraid of those situations like I used to be, and I don't care so much about what other people think.  This gets easier with each year of age, at least for me.

Do I like to make a fool of myself?  Of course not, but fear of looking silly no longer rules my life. Laughter is great, and I try to practice it as much as possilble

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