Saturday, May 18, 2013

I'm a Chocolate Snob

People think I have a sweet tooth.  That's not entirely accurate.  If it's just sweet, but not  chocolate, I could care less.  More than that, if it's chocolate with a low cocoa content, I won't eat that either.  No, I'm a chocolate connoisseur, or as my husband calls it, "A Chocolate Snob."  It's not the classiest way to describe me, but it's relatively accurate.  And, it's really pretty funny too. 

Seriously, the chocolate Easter candy, brands of which will remain unnamed, that my kids have in the pantry still, it doesn't count.  When I make the statement, "There's no chocolate I the house," my husband knows what I mean--there's no chocolate I like in the house.  So how do I gauge a good piece of chocolate?  The simplest measure is by its melting temperature. If it doesn't start to melt when you put it in your hand, the cocoa content is too low and it's not, I my opinion, it's not worth eating.

When I lived in Belgium for a summer, I'd eat Belgian chocolate (the best in the world) with coffee for breakfast, and it was divine. For a few years after my return back to the USA, my Belgian friends would mail me boxes of chocolate from time to time.  This, of course, was a little tricky, as I lived I Oklahoma at the time, and if the chocolate were sent at the wrong time of year, it would be a melted heap of brown goo.  So, for about four months out of the year, I knew I'd have to do without.

This morning I ate Nutella (the chocolate hazelnut spread) on toast for breakfast, with French Market coffee from New Orleans, so I feel like I've experienced a little bit of Europe without leaving home.  Moreover, I'm on my back deck, which gives a similar feel to being at an outdoor café.  Not a bad way to start a great day.

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